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Select a save file to check:

Please use the full save file named with your farmer's name and a 9-digit ID number (e.g. Fred_148093307); do not use the SaveGameInfo file as it does not contain all the necessary information.

Default save file locations are:



Special Mine Floors

This calendar showss the prediction of various special levels in the Mines and Skull Cavern.

  • Mushroom levels respawn in version 1.3 and earlier, but in 1.4, mushrooms will only appear on your first visit.
  • Monster and slime infestations are persistent in all versions and can be revisited multiple times per day.
  • Quarry levels are new in 1.4; this is when the level uses the gray quarry mine tileset and spawns grey & brown slimes as well as Haunted Skulls. These can only happen if the quarry itself has been unlocked and will override other types of infestations, so the predictor only calculates them if the save has quarry access.
  • Dinosaur levels are also new in 1.4; these have a grassy tileset and are primarily inhabited by Pepper Rex. They can only occur in the Skull Cavern, and the predictor will check up to level 500 for them. Note that this prediction is not 100% accurate because the logic the game uses to determine which map to use for a particular level in the skull cavern uses a different (unpredictable) RNG and certain maps are not allowed to be Dinosaur levels.

Traveling Merchant Cart and Night Market Boat

Inventory list for the traveling merchant. The merchant operates a cart in Cindersap Forest every Friday and Sunday (6am - 8pm) and also a boat during the winter Night Market. Results can be browsed by week (the Night Market is treated as a separate week) or searched using a case-insensitive substring (regular expression wildcards are allowed.)

Krobus' Sewer Shop Stock

Partial inventory list for Krobus who sells items in the Sewers. While his stock is static on most days, there is a random fish sold on Wednesdays and a random cooked dish sold on Saturdays; these items can be predicted and are listed below. Results can be browsed by week or searched using a case-insensitive substring (regular expression wildcards are allowed.)

Sandy's Oasis Shop Stock

Partial inventory list for Sandy who sells items in the Oasis shop. While her stock is mostly static, beginning in version 1.4 there is a random shirt sold every day; this shirt choice is predictable and listed below. The shirt is always 1000g. Results can be browsed by week or searched using a case-insensitive substring (regular expression wildcards are allowed.)

Wallpaper from Pierre and Joja

This calendar shows the prediction of which wallpaper and flooring items are available at Pierre's General Store and the Joja Mart. This is mainly useful for those who use a bug that causes wallpaper to be interpreted as another item for various situations such as bundles, crafting, and use in machines; because of this, item equivalence is listed when applicable. As of version 1.4 most (if not all) of these exploits have been patched, but this page might still be relevant for those who want to get a specific wall/floor without buying the Catalogue.

Geode Processing

Predicted results from cracking open all types of geodes at Clint's Blacksmith Shop. The "number opened" is a cumulative count across all types. Results can be browsed twenty at a time or searched using a case-insensitive substring (regular expression wildcards are allowed.) Note that in multiplayer, each player's geode count is tracked separately; the browse results are initially set and highlighted based on the host's count.

Note: If you play with the Artifact System Fixed mod and enable its geode changes, the predictions listed here may not be accurate.

Train Schedule

This calendar shows the predicted train spawns on the Railroad map. The time of the train can be predicted, but the type of train cars and amount of dropped items cannot.

Note that a train will not spawn on the first day after a save is loaded or reloaded.

Night Events

This calendar shows potential overnight events on the farm. These events will not occur if there is a player wedding the next day, and they will also be overridden by a restoration event from the completion of a full Community Center room or a Joja Community Development purchase. Most of these events also have other checks they must pass to actually trigger (such as finding a suitable location), so they are not 100% guaranteed; in particular the strange capsule and stone owl events are still extremely rare even when the calendar shows them to be possible.

Note: The app may misidentify the type of event in version 1.2 if the farmer has the possibility of having more children.

Crane Game

This calendar shows the presence of the worst villain in Stardew Valley, the green shirt man who hogs the crane game at the Movie Theater. He will always be there on your first theater visit and also after every movie. His presence before movies (for later visits) is predictable and shown below.

Garbage Cans

This calendar shows the prediction of some Garbage Can loot. While luck plays a big role in what you find in cans, there is still a good amount of predictability. Most notably, the Garbage Hat is nearly guaranteed; if it shows up on this list, it should happen in game. Additionally, some results are highly reliable because the roll is good enough to pass the check even with worst possible luck. Some caveats about these predictions are listed below:

  • Some item spawns (most notably the hat) will only trigger if you have checked at least 20 cans total on the save; the app always assumes that is true when making predictions; other item spawns require specific progress (such as deepest mine level or if the desert is accessible), and will only be listed if that progress is found in the save.
  • Some item spawns may be superceded by location-specific loot (for example the can by the Museum might spawn a geode instead of what is listed here) because of a second luck-based roll.
  • Finally, sometimes cans not listed in the predictions might still give items on a particular day, especially if luck is high.

Feast of the Winter Star Gift Assignments

This shows the secret gift assignments for the Winter Star festival. The actual gift(s) the player(s) will receive cannot be reliably predicted, but a list of all the possibilities is provided.


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