Save File

If you would like the app to scan a save file in order to recommend what items to use for the display, you can select the save file below:

Please use the full save file named with your farmer's name (or farm name) and an ID number (e.g. Fred_148093307); do not use the SaveGameInfo file as it does not contain all the necessary information.

Default save file locations are:


Item Input

This section will be filled in automatically when loading a save, but it can also be edited manually to experiment with other options or to use the app without a save. When analyzing a multiplayer save, it is assumed that all players are online and all players' professions are included. When manually selecting professions, the app will enforce the prerequisites of the base game (i.e. checking "Angler" will also check "Fisher".)

Note: you cannot select the Lucky Purple Shorts as a choice and the app will ignore them when making suggestions since that item causes a special outcome with a fixed reward.

Farm Settings

Profit Margin (Enter as decimal)

Farmer Perks


Special Event Perks

Expected Score

Load a save or select items with the form above.